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Here at Volume 5 Garden Services, we've covered your lawn with our top-notch turfing solutions tailored just for you! Not only do we bring our A-game to every job, but we're also all about giving you straight-up, genuine advice. Need to breathe some life back into your lawn or start from scratch with fresh turf? We'll figure out the best game plan together.

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Experience the timeless joy of a lush, freshly manicured lawn with VOLUME 5 GARDEN SERVICES, your go-to expert in premium turf laying services in Croydon. Whether you’re captivated by the classic charm of spending your weekends tending to verdant greenery or simply reveling in the earthy scent of freshly trimmed grass, our top-tier re-turfing solutions are tailored just for you.

Is your once-vibrant lawn looking a bit lackluster, or are you envisioning a brand-new canvas of greenery to uplift your outdoor space? VOLUME 5 GARDEN SERVICES is at your service. With over a decade of experience, our hands have meticulously supplied and installed over half a million square meters of high-quality turf, encapsulating the grandeur of approximately 123 acres of transformation.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that every inch of your lawn is installed to the highest horticultural benchmarks. We meticulously prepare your landscape to welcome its new attire, beginning with thorough soil cultivation and topping off each section with a fresh layer of nutrient-rich soil, setting the stage for a vibrant, healthy lawn.

The Art of Turfing: Perfecting the Green Spaces in Your Home

Creating a lush and vibrant lawn is akin to crafting a work of art; it requires an eye for quality, attention to detail, and a thorough process that, when done right, results in a perfect patch of green serenity. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking to beautify your garden, a garden enthusiast aiming for perfection, or a landscaping professional honing your craft, understanding the fundamentals of an excellent turfing service is key. Here’s how to achieve the zenith of turf installation.

Choosing Top-Notch Quality Materials

Starting with high-grade turf is non-negotiable. Ensure your selected turf arrives flawless, protected from harm and dehydration. The integrity of your green space starts here—treasure it from procurement to the final unrolling.

Meticulous Site Clearance and Preparation

The canvas for your green masterpiece varies with each project. Creating a brand new space free from prior plant life, it involves scrupulous debris clearing followed by detailed ground leveling. Conversely, gently remove the old grass before cultivating the soil beneath when replacing a worn lawn.

Soil Preparation: The Foundation of Turf Vitality

Turning over the soil—aeration it using a rotavator or by hand—is crucial. It ensures a level base, soft enough to welcome new growth while providing optimal conditions for the turf to root and flourish.

Laying Your Turf with Precision

Again, quality emerges as a priority during the laying process. Handle each piece with care, avoiding damage or drying. Strive to lay the turf on delivery day. If that’s out of the equation, unroll and hydrate the turf until you can place it in its new home.

Edging for Elegance

With precision edging, you can create neat boundaries and define flower beds, adding structure and form to your garden’s overall appearance.

The Crucial First Watering

Proper initial irrigation is pivotal for turf establishment. It’s the lifeline your new lawn needs to start its integration with the soil below.

After-Care Advisory

The laying of the turf is just the beginning. Guiding clients through the first few weeks of care—how to water, monitor growth, and beyond—is part of our full-service promise. For those wanting a hands-off approach, our team is equipped to manage this critical stage.

The Joy of the First Cut

Approximately four weeks post-installation, your lawn will be primed for its inaugural trim. Ongoing care and maintenance guidance are part of our dedication to your turf’s lasting beauty and health.

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